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*The Anasazi were a Native American tribe that inhabited the Four Corners (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado) of the Southwest from approximately A.D. 200-1300.

Jennifer Kelly’s “Visions of the Anasazi” series explores the various artifacts belonging to the Anasazi Indians* through the medium of acrylic paint. Painting the artifacts on a stark black background allows the viewer to focus on the beauty and skill of the original Native Americans.

“Pottery, projectile points, sherds, and other everyday objects are works of art in and of themselves and should not be forgotten. Through this exhibit, I hope to visually preserve the beauty of the Anasazi Indians’ artifacts for future generations,” said Jennifer Kelly. 

Throughout her career, Kelly has displayed her art at juried exhibits in Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL, as well as through solo exhibits at several galleries along the Gulf Coast. Kelly participated in Gulf Coast art festivals and her art was featured in Mobile Bay magazine in 2011.

A graphic designer by trade and fine artist by passion, Kelly has a love for archaeology and art history. She donated her skills as an illustrator to an archaeological research center in Colorado and an archaeological center in the Caribbean. Kelly enjoys exposing others to cultures through her artwork. To view samples of her work or to purchase prints, visit her website at

On display now at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Cedar City, UT through 2020. Map below.

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